Monika Wanat

Born in 1991 in Warsaw.

Artist, photographer and scientist. Since 2014 she has been taking photos in the “Psyche” series. In 2022, a separate series “Not for us” was created. She has photographed in over thirty countries, the most important of which are Namibia, Oman and Chile.

She has been awarded “Silver Winner” in New York Photography Awards 2023, “Honorable Mention” in Tokyo International Foto Awards 2023, participation in post-competition exhibition “Etnoklimaty” in Etnographic Museum, Torun, Poland, and distinction in 18. edition of Polish Photography Competition “To dobry konkurs”.  

She works mainly with Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8 and Sigma Art 35 mm f/1.4 lenses.

Owner of the polish brand dedicated to photographic education “Pegazing. The Aesthetic Photography.” Author of the newsletter “Artistic Lessons of Photography”, created in cooperation with contemporary artists. Author of two photography courses: “Original and consistent photo editing”, “Creative product photography “, and the e-book “How to capture beauty in the frame? A subjective guide to aesthetics in photography.

PhD in Natural Sciences.

Artist Statement

The basis of my creative work is the belief that both people and animals are persons. Animals, just like people, have the right to a soul, they feel, they have their own character and personality. I try to capture the emotions of persons I meet along the way. These are accidental meetings with persons with whom I am separated on a daily basis by enormous geographical distances. And maybe there’s something sad in it that we can’t get to know each other better, or maybe there’s something beautiful in that we met at all.

The main value that determines my work is empathy. That’s why in each photo I try to convey the emotions of the photographed person as best as possible. Although I try to understand them, I know that I do not know everything, and the work is created through the prism of my way of seeing. That’s why each of my works is a record of a relationship between two strangers – a relationship locked forever in one frame.

Through my art, I try to show that even short and accidental encounters can influence our lives and perception of reality. There is history and emotions in each such meeting. They can leave a trace in our hearts regardless of the person we meet – whether it is a human or an animal.

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